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Aslan puppy policy

Aslan whippets are born into a household where they are the primary focus.  They are given the best of everything including myself.  They are given the best possible start in life and are well socialised in a family environment before leaving us to go to new homes.  I do not offer my pups for sale lightly and prospective owners need to be dedicated to providing a stable, PERMANENT home for an Aslan puppy.

I do not breed litters very often and most of my bitches have only had one litter during their lifetime.   Litters are never bred to make a profit - litters are only bred to improve the breed - and usually only planned when I want a new puppy for myself.  Therefore puppies are only occasionally available and to avoid disappointment, orders should be placed. 

Aslan puppies are whelped in a specially designated area of the house where I can keep a close eye on mother and babies during those first critical weeks of life.  When they are eating solids and mum is no longer cleaning up after them ( around 4 weeks of age), their indoor pen area is extended and they go out into the designated puppy yard for play times during the day but still brought inside at night.  They grow up with Mum and the other older dogs, as well as myself and my husband, and, once vaccinated, regular visits by others, including children. 

I am a member of the Canine Control Council Queensland, and as such, uphold it's Code of Ethics and am obliged to breed 'only for the purpose of improving the breed'.  Therefore I intend that pups I sell as companion dogs (or "pets") are destined to be just that - wonderful family pets - and I would never want my pups to fall into the hands of an owner who chooses breed irresponsibly.  Companion dogs therefore are placed on the limited register and are destined not to be bred from.  New owners who wish to breed from their puppy must purchase a show quality puppy and become members of the Canine Control Council (or similar state body).

"Show quality" means that, at point of sale, I believe that the pup displays the potential to be competitive in the show ring.  Of course, no guarantees can be made of this.  Pups can change quite dramatically as they grow,  environment and feeding can most definitely influence the way a dog develops, and one can never be absolutely certain of how a pup will turn out.  Breeders use their knowledge of the dog's lineage, the whippet standard and their experience in watching pups grow to determine which are 'show quality' pups in the litter.  However no breeder can honestly guarantee a Best in Group or Best in Show winner.  If you are looking for a guaranteed winner then it would  be best to search for an adult dog who has already been proven in the ring and you'll need to be prepared to pay a good deal more than the average price you'd pay for a pup.

Aslan puppies leave here happy and healthy:  fully vaccinated for their age, fully and regularly wormed, microchipped, on heartworm protection and flea and tick protection.  Each new owner receives a puppy pack, which includes a number of goodies, feeding chart, general care guide and helpful hints. 

I expect that because I love and respect my dogs that all my new puppy owners will do the same.  My basic expectations of new owners are:

  • That you will provide a permanent, stable, loving home for your Aslan Whippet.

  • that you will seek quality veterinary care whenever necessary, including regular vaccinations, worming, heartworm, flea & tick protection

  • that you have a fully fenced, decent sized, safe yard for your whippet to play in

  • that you will spey/neuter your companion pet bitch/dog

  • that purchasers of show quality puppies, if not already members, will join the CCC or relevant state body.

Things I request of new puppy owners:

  • that you keep in touch with me (at least once a year) to let me know how your dog is going (a Christmas card, a photo and a little note is always joyfully received!)  More often than once a year is fantastic, and regular pics and updates throughout the year are THE ABSOLUTE BEST!   There will be a facebook group created for all the pups in the litter you purchase from - this will be the easiest way for you to communicate regularly with me and to talk to other owners and see your pup's siblings on a regular basis.

  • that you allow your dog inside your home.

  • that you never hesitate to ask for my opinion, advice or knowledge with anything regarding your Aslan whippet.

Aslan Whippets are cherished individuals and it is my responsibility to do the best I can to make sure that they go to new homes where they will also be cherished and given the best of care.

Upon your first contact with me please advise me that you have read this puppy policy and also give me the details of the kind of home you offer a Whippet:  the house/yard description / the family description - partners, children including ages / work-home life balance / other pets / your previous experience with the breed, if any / if not, why a whippet is your breed of choice / whether you are interested in a show or pet whippet / whether you have an interest in pursuing activities such as obedience / agility / tracking / flyball / coursing / racing / dancing with dogs etc .

NOTE:  This policy was developed/adapted with permission from the 'Mahelu' Labradors puppy policy  in 1998. However many of the statements made here are entirely my own.   My policy has since been used and adapted by others,  some without acknowledgement.  If you would like to use this as your own please ask for permission first and be prepared to give acknowledgement on your website.


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